Cause all she touches turns into ice


Since their inception by 2007, This Co. has been highlighted for its innovative sound and visual power of its live performances. These has earned them recognition in the chilean scene, reaching, alongside with the release of their first self-titled album excellent reviews from the press (2008). To name a few, Rolling Stone highlighted the single "As you know" as a hot track in their printed chilean edition and MTV selected the video clip of the same song as one of the 10 most requested on MTV LA.

"This Co.'s debut record is made for sweating on a dark dance floor" - Rolling Stone.

After their successful European tour in 2009, This Co. focused in the composition and production of their second LP "More" and its EP of remixes, including the artists Equipo, Pol del Sur and Giogio Mamani, once again with excellent reviews.

Nowadays This Co. is about to release its new EP "Inoculation", including two tracks committed with the darkest side of the dance floor and two more contemplative songs for daydreaming. Dissect its sound will bring you to bands like Cocteau Twins and The Knife or to think of Depeche Mode and Cut Copy as influences. This ep stands as a comeback of the band, with gigs and another album to come.

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